CSR and Lenovo deliver fully featured Bluetooth Smart television remote control

CSR has partnered with Lenovo to make its new S9 and S52 Smart TVs, the world’s first TVs with fully featured Bluetooth Smart remote controls. The remotes, which are currently available in China, are not only low power but also have increased responsiveness, and make controlling TV content a much more user-friendly experience. Advancing the forms of control in line with advances in television content, the remote, powered by the CSR1011, part of the CSR µEnergy range, and CSR8510 platforms, enables consumers to take advantage of voice control, as well as easily adding motion navigation and gesture recognition functionality.

The end-to-end solution allows users to more easily navigate content, browse the web and play games on their Lenovo Smart TVs.

“CSR’s flexible Bluetooth Smart platforms ensure our customers can interact with their TVs in new and improved ways such as via voice recognition or gesture communication,” said Qi Wei, Executive Director, R&D, Smart TV BU at Lenovo. “CSR’s end-to-end solution offers the functionality that a modern smart TV remote demands and performs better in both responsiveness and current consumption than other more power-hungry technologies such as Wi-Fi.”   

The CSR Smart Remote platform enables the remote to ‘wake up’ and reconnect to the TV upon a key-press, an important function with increasingly stringent demands on standby current consumption. Battery life in smart remotes is compared using a standard set of usage scenarios, such as number of button presses and amount of time dedicated to both gesture and voice control. In all of these usage scenarios, the low current consumption afforded Bluetooth Smart means that battery life is multiple times longer than remote controls based on comparable technologies. In addition, the technology allows Air Mouse and Voice over Bluetooth Smart functionality to perform at very high levels of responsiveness.

“Smart TVs are changing the way viewers interact with and manage content on their televisions and are a fast growing market with tremendous growth potential. However, until now, traditional forms of control have failed to keep up with the rapid pace of content evolution,” said Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President, Business Group at CSR. “CSR is delighted to work closely with Lenovo on this superb Ultra High Definition TV. We are further differentiating their products by creating an exciting new user experience via a smart remote control that takes full advantage of the benefits of the CSR Smart Remote platform.”



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