Crystal Display Systems compare and analyse the benefits of optical bonding for an IP65 monitor in a live action video

Crystal Display Systems (CDS)’s technical director Tony Large walks through a comparison of the same display, one with optical bonding and one without, showing the differences and benefits of optical bonding.

Optical Bonding in action

Within the CDS demo video you can see a display with an optically bonded layer between the touch glass and the LCD compared to the exact same display without optical bonding but with an air gap instead.

In high bright conditions the optically bonded unit will excel compared to the standard display, because there will be less refraction between the glasses.

You can see within the video the differences between the two displays, both are very neat and very good-looking displays which both serve a purpose when installed outdoors. Both displays have an ambient light sensor so the display can adapt to the ambient conditions.

This particular display is 15” with 1,000 nits brightness, and with PCAP touch. It has been designed for an outdoor kiosk type solution but could be used in many different applications. The display is IP65 front waterproof, dust-proof, and vandal resistant.

CDS’s Technical Director Tony Large adds, “Optical bonding is the right choice for system integrators looking to develop a high-end solution for displays used in high ambient light conditions. We have seen really positive results as customers adopt this technology, both in terms of end user feedback and product reliability, due to the robust and protective nature of this solution”.


  • Improves performance for an enhanced sunlight readable display.
  • Removes the air gap between the glass and the screen – avoiding fogging or condensation issues that could occur if the display is within direct sunshine and extreme temperature changes
  • Makes the display even more rugged and industrial – extra support from the optically clear resin which increases robustness.
  • Environmentally friendly as you can make use of a lower brightness display which consumes less power.
  • Increased ‘Intrinsic’ contrast in real world conditions, vs standard air gap.
  • Bonding of sizes up to 86”, displays with wet bonding are available up to 32” as well as up to 86” with dry bonding.
  • Optical adhesive includes UV protection.
  • Improved Heat dissipation
  • Improved visual quality (Less reflection)
  • Reworkable where appropriate
  • Eliminates condensation & contamination behind cover glass.
  • Better impact resistance (vandal-resistant)
  • Eliminate the wash-out effect.
  • Waterproof, CDS can offer IP65 front face for integration or full IP66, IP67 and IP68.

CDS can offer many sizes and aspect ratios for this type of technology, there are also many customised options available.

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