Crompton, one of the leading players in the Indian lighting market, announces partnership with Gooee

Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals (CGCEL), India’s leading supplier of consumer electrical goods, lighting and lighting automation systems, has teamed up with Gooee, the UK based creator of the world’s first full-stack operating platform connecting lighting manufacturers and their customers to the IoT.


Under the terms of the agreement, Crompton will become Gooee’s launch partner in India and will be able to use Gooee’s innovative new lighting ecosystem to provide additional functionality and value to customer lighting and IoT solutions.


With this partnership Crompton unleashes its plan to foray into the world of IoT and connected lighting in big way. All the Gooee features and scalability combined with Crompton’s design and execution capability will bring wonderful products and solutions to its customers with exciting features. The Gooee ecosystem provides sensing, control and communication components that integrate with an enterprise scale cloud platform. This offers a service-driven, scalable framework that can be integrated into LED lighting installations, significantly increasing control, monitoring and data analysis while driving performance and efficiency improvements. 


Innovation is key in India’s fast growing smart lighting market

There is a perfect fit between Crompton and Gooee Ecosystem.


The Crompton Brand in India was established over eight decades ago and has been successful, thanks to bringing meticulously engineered innovative high quality products to both consumer and B2B markets. 


Being able to take the lead in connected lighting enables Crompton to maintain and grow its strong presences in the Indian lighting market.


Shantanu Khosla, managing director, Compton Greaves Consumer Electricals said: “I am delighted to announce our partnership with Gooee. The Gooee system puts lighting at the heart of a building’s IoT, providing new opportunities to monitor LED performance, track footfall and communicate directly with occupants. 


“We believe these factors will be of significant interest to many of our customers, in particular those in the retail, commercial property and industrial sectors, enabling them to operate more efficiently and effectively within our increasingly connected world.”


Jan Kemeling, chief commercial officer of Gooee Limited, commented: “We are very pleased having entered into this partnership agreement with Crompton. India is a very important fast growing market and it is an honour for us to engage with a forward thinking market leader with a clear focus on innovation. The company employs highly capable engineering resources who understand that apart from energy savings, the Gooee platform will offer Crompton’s professional customers endless possibilities to improve and optimise their business processes.


“The integration of Crompton’s digital lighting products in to Gooee’s enterprise cloud, which has been designed to manage the high-velocity/high-volume transaction data from the on-premise environment and provide an extensible platform to develop applications and data visualisations, will lead to innovative service offerings from Crompton to its customers in any vertical.”

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