Countless possibilities: New catalogue for comprehensive overview on Laser Optics

For LASER World of PHOTONICS, LASER COMPONENTS will issue a new catalogue providing a comprehensive overview of the company’s wide range of dielectric coatings, substrates and materials.


Whether it be mirrors, filters, or polarisers, lenses, prisms or beam separators – optics are the key components of laser technology, fulfilling numerous tasks in beam shaping and direction. There rarely is an off-the-shelf solution. LASER COMPONENTS has specialised in designing and producing custom made optics by choosing the right combination of the many raw materials available.


“Our Laser Optics catalogue is different from others, as we put our focus on the wide range of possibilities, rather than a clearly defined set of products,” says Barbara Herdt, product engineer at LASER COMPONENTS. “In close cooperation with our customers, we search all these options for the solution that matches their specifications. During this process, we not only recommend a coating technology, but we also select the right materials.”


The catalogue is available to download on the LASER COMPONENTS website, or it can be ordered as a free printed version.

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