Cost-Effective ionex USB Type C Vertical Receptacle from GCT with low profile design

GCT’s USB4120 is part of the competitively priced ionex Type C range. As a vertical mount connector, it has a very low profile at just 6.5mm high on the PCB.

The USB4120 is a new addition to the GCT USB line up and gives customers greater choice and flexibility in designs. Featuring a very low profile of 6.5mm on the PCB, the USB4120 is a cost-effective vertical mount USB Type C featuring 16 pin configuration and USB 2.0 functionality.

Four through hole shell stakes and two PCB location posts provide the USB4120 with excellent stability during processing and retention strength at end usage. The USB4120 is suitable for thinner, 0.8mm thick PCB’s adding further versatility.

GCT aims to make USB type C a more viable option for your designs. The ionex range provides engineers the option to choose type C over other USB variants where price has previously been a barrier. The USB4120 is a great new configuration for the range, with further developments for ionex products coming in 2021.

The USB4120 is now available at Digi-Key Electronics for immediate shipping.
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