Corrosion and impact resistant enclosures

For optimum component protection, Deltron Enclosures has introduced a new range of heavy duty enclosures to the market. Offering corrosion resistance of up to 1000 hours in salt spray, combined with high impact resistance of up to 7 joules whilst maintaining an IP68 rating, they are ideal for placement in environments where high levels of moisture or corrosive substances are present.


  • Corrosion Resistance (>1000 hours in salt spray)
  • Impact Resistance (Up to 7 Joules, as per EN 60079)
  • IP68 Rated
  • Manufactured from aluminium alloy GD-AlSi12
  • Epoxy-polyester (Hybrid) powder coating
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Available in ten sizes

Tom Downing, Product Manager at Deltron Enclosures commented; “There is demand for enclosures that can offer greater corrosion resistance than provided by standard aluminium. In addition, all IP testing has been carried out after impact testing to verify that the seal is maintained when the enclosure is treated roughly. This range of enclosures offers our best protection yet over the combined effects of water, impact and corrosive environments.”

The enclosures are finished using Epoxy-polyester (hybrid) powder coating with a controlled layer thickness, offering resistance to chipping and flaking. Ten sizes are available with a grey (from stock)  black or red (to order) coating.

Ideal for: Environments with high levels of electrolytes such as marine or buried applications, or in areas where the enclosure is susceptible to knocks. Such sectors include automotive, telecoms, food processing and leisure, plus factories where equipment is frequently washed down for sanitisation.

For more information, technical specifications and 3D CAD models can be downloaded from our Deltron Enclosures website.


As with all Deltron Enclosure ranges, we can customise the enclosure to meet project specifications and save engineers the hassle and responsibility of managing long supply chains.

Machining: From cut-outs to slots, milling, insertion of windows, addition of handles and more, you can benefit from technical advice and drawing assistance with our skilled engineers.

Finishing: Painting, coating or treating your enclosure can provide additional protection from the elements, as well as an aesthetic appeal. Silk screening and engraving are also available.

Assembly: We will source, procure and install all relevant components for your enclosure including screens, cable glands, PCBs and more. Once delivered to site, they will be ready for immediate installation.


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