Convergent technologies driving growth

L2Tek are a UK based manufacturers representative and distributor specialising in electronics hardware, software and semiconductor IP for the broadcast, professional video, IPTV, surveillance and industrial imaging markets. Mark Scott-South, Managing Director of L2Tek, looks back on 2013 and talks to CIE about the opportunities from the growth in 4K TV broadcast technology.

How has 2013 been for your company?

2013 has been an exciting year for L2Tek. The market for application specific semiconductors for image processing, high speed interface, high efficiency power supplies, and interconnect assemblies, has outperformed many commodity lines. We also continued to benefit from our supply of intellectual property cores for ever more complex FPGA devices.

What has been the most significant event to have taken place for your company this year?

It is difficult to whittle the year down to just one significant milestone. The increased visibility Stagebox has received at key broadcast shows this year has been a major boost. Stagebox is a camera-mounted device that enables programme makers to link multiple cameras and move HD content over a standard internet network and is broadcast technology that L2Tek licenses internationally. In 2013, HD video interfaces have also seen dramatic growth with HDMI’s new specifications and HDBaseT enjoying much of the limelight.

How would you describe the current condition of the markets you operate in?

The broadcast market is bullish. Certainly the move to convergent technologies has provided significant opportunities for growth. High capacity data networks will increasingly become important means of content delivery and more efficient compression and transmission systems will enable better picture quality and production coverage. From a component perspective, L2Tek is playing a key role in helping to roll out the next generation semiconductor products for broadcast video and HD surveillance industries.

What”s exciting you about your sector at the moment and where do the opportunities lie going forward in 2014?

Theres still plenty of excitement around 4K TV broadcast technology with many major players launching 4K gear. Initially, broadcasters were concerned about standardisation and the availability of key infrastructure components such as switchers and graphics engines, but I think many early adopters will be proven correct that the supply of such equipment will not be a problem long term. Indeed, the product innovation around ultra high definition (UHD) TV is certainly picking speed with high-profile sports filming remaining the driving force behind the progression of 4K.


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