Conrad Electronic invests 56 million Euros in logistics expansion

Conrad Electronics has invested over 56 million euros in expanding its logistics centre located at the company’s headquarters in Wernberg-Köblitz. Currently one of the most modern distribution facilities in Europe the new investment is intended to prepare the company for further expansion and expands the logistics centre with further storage and shipping capacity.

Due to strong growth in recent years and the vast expansion of Conrad’s product range, the logistics centre has seen the warehouse size increase by 13,000 square metres to 54,000 square metres.

The two-storey building boasts of a total warehouse space of 100,000 square metres. A new, fully automated shuttle storage system is equipped with 375 shuttles; some 60 shuttle and container jacks have access to 200,000 bin locations raising throughput capacity to 100,000 parcels per day.

“Until now, employees have had to walk to specific product bins and with it to the respective stocking aisle of their area to pick-up individual items. With our new system items will be delivered to the employee. This makes the work for our people in the new logistics area much easier and more efficient”, explained Werner Conrad, the company’s Chairman. “We use special shipping trays for reduced noise levels; light barriers at the conveyor belts preventing bin collision. In this project a particular challenge was the fusion of existing logistics with the new system components to create a streamlined system.”

This year, on average, 40,000 parcels containing a total of about 360,000 products were shipped every day. These products are from a wide portfolio which covers electronic components – measuring only a few millimetres, tablets and smartphones to TV sets with 60 inch screen sizes.

“Our more than 16 million business and end customers regularly order from our extensive range of over 600,000 items and expect a reliable and fast delivery”, said CEO Jörn Werner.

In addition to Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Italy and six more subsidiaries in Europe, Conrad also ships to 150 other countries worldwide.



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