Conrad Business Supplies presents the new VOLTCRAFT IP65 multimeters

Conrad Business Supplies recently launched the three new VOLTCRAFT multimeters VC-440 EVC-450 E and VC-460 E. The units are specially designed for operation outdoors. Thanks to special protective features such as the rubberised casing, they are slip-proof and impact-resistant. The rubberised finish also ensures the devices remain stable when resting on the extendable stand. Boasting an IP65 rating, the units are protected against dust and water ingress, making them ideal for use in dusty and damp environments. In addition, an affixed mounting bracket enables them to be hung on a belt systems.


All three multimeters feature automatic display lighting, which is automatically activated by a sensor in dark environments. Both test probes can be attached to the rear of the device, avoiding the need for the user to hold the device and both probes at the same time.


Thanks to TrueRMS measurement, the VC-440 E model can precisely measure unsymmetrical voltages and currents that diverge from the basic sine waveform. It features a four-digit display with extra-large figures. A bar display is also provided, which shows voltage and current fluctuations more clearly. In this case, the digital display acts like an analogue pointer instrument. Two CAT-IV safety cables are also supplied with the unit.


The VC-450 E multimeter offers the same functionality as the VC-440 E model, but is enhanced by the addition of a rotary field tester and a temperature measurement option.


The VC-460 E boasts all the features of the two smaller models and additionally enables the simultaneous display of two values – for example voltage and frequency.


With these comprehensive functions and their rugged construction, all three multimeters are ideal for everyday use in harsh conditions, as encountered outside the laboratory environment, for instance on building sites or in workshops.

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