Conrad Business Supplies launches Marketplace Beta version for B2B customers: “The Business Place2B”

Conrad Business Supplies will revolutionise the distribution sector and expand its business model by adding its own “Conrad Marketplace” at the end of April 2017 for B2B customers in Germany.


Intelligent networking and trends such as IoT, virtual reality, smart home and digital transformation are changing customer requirements. In addition, non-tech sectors are rapidly developing products for the electronics industry. Product cycles are becoming shorter while product diversity, necessary for design engineers and MROs in current and future sectors of the industry, will grow exponentially and will break the 1 million barrier. At the same time, cost savings due to process optimisation and the reduction of time spent on procurement are becoming increasingly important in companies of all sizes. A new ease of procurement is required, which can only be achieved through one-stop shops, i.e. the complete fulfilment of demand by one supplier.


This leads to new potential customers and new applications at the same time resulting in an infinite number of product requirements coupled with highest quality demands (e.g. ISO 9001 conformance).


Distributors and manufacturers are faced with new challenges that are difficult to achieve. A large investment would be necessary to address this new and expanded customer base, to keep the infinite but required product portfolio up-to-date and to manage it in real time.


“Our solution for these new challenges is that we are launching our own Conrad Marketplace as a beta version end of April 2017 in Germany. We have the broad customer base (over 4.1 million B2B customers in Europe), the necessary experience in our business (over 90 years), the customer frequency (210 million visits per year in Europe) and the technology,’ says James Bell, managing director and chairman Conrad International.


The marketplace technology is based on the B2B platform launched in February in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.


“The new web platform and the resulting features which are now live were the foundation for our Marketplace – in particular, the newly integrated search – because anyone who offers a vast range products has to ensure that they can be found”, adds Aleš Drábek, CDDO of Conrad Electronic SE.


The in-house developed ‘ElasticSearch’ allows a full-text search in real time. In addition, customers can use our innovative voice search available on the Conrad webshops in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands with all mobile Android devices and with Google Chrome.


The launch of the Conrad Marketplace beta version in Germany will be followed by Austria and the Netherlands in 2017. The complete roll-out in all countries where Conrad has a presence is planned by the end of 2018. The goal is to provide customers with access to over 10 million products over the next two years. Conrad partners who offer products via the Conrad Marketplace, are selected according to strict quality criteria in order to ensure a high-quality supply chain.


“For our customers we offer simple one-stop shopping in a B2B format. Our Conrad Marketplace offers our partners the opportunity to acquire new customers and tap new markets. And all of this without risk and without substantial investment”, says James Bell.

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