Conference to explore the implementation of device to cloud connectivity

This year”s UK Device Developers” Conference will include a half-day workshop and a technical presentation relating to the technical issues surrounding the implementation of “Device to Cloud” solutions, often referred to as IoT.

Presented by global hardware and IoT specialists Eurotech, delegates at the Conference will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of how IoT is being implemented in a range of applications and learn how to simplify device connectivity and enable remote device management.

The UK Device Developers’ Conference is a one-day conference for engineers and computer scientists involved in the development of intelligent systems and devices. It is an event that explores the very latest tools and technologies available and includes a vendor exhibition, half-day technical workshops and a series of informative technical presentations.

“The Internet of Things is the new disruptive technology,” said Bobby Vale, technical sales engineer at Eurotech.  “The IoT involves interfacing the devices we use to the virtual network we call the ‘cloud’. As sensor costs decrease and cloud connectivity increases, applications such as remote asset monitoring and smart metering will become the norm.”

Some areas where ‘device to cloud connectivity’ can bring benefit include building management systems, transport and energy sectors. Examples include automating heating and lighting dependent on temperature and occupancy; counting the number of passengers in each carriage on the train and indicating to those waiting to board where there are spare seats asset monitoring and preventive maintenance and remote metering and automated billing of energy consumption.

Eurotech’s workshop at the Cambridge Conference will discuss the difference between a traditional SCADA application and a cloud-based M2M / IoT solution.  It will also discuss the MQTT protocol, created by IBM and Eurotech, what it is and how and why it is used. Another topic during the workshop will be the basics of cloud-based Esper event processing for business logic.

“This is a chance for engineers to learn from an industry expert with real world experience,” said Richard Blackburn, conference manager. “Clearly ‘Device to Cloud’ connectivity is enabling data collection and driving innovation, whilst bringing down costs. In this respect, it is a technology that is hard to ignore and we are pleased to be able to cover this topic in detail at this year’s Conference.”

The Device Developers’ Conference is to take place in Reading, Cambridge, Manchester and Uphall (Scotland) during May and June 2015. The Conference is free to engineers and technical project managers, but a small charge is made for places on the half-day technical workshops.

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