Compact LED emitter for high-end directional lighting now available from Solid State Supplies

Solid State Supplies is stocking what is said to be the industry”s smallest “Gallery White” emitter for directional lighting, developed by LED Engin. The emitter offers a colour rendering index (CRI) of 97, and is designed for high-end applications, including retail outlets, galleries and museums, where accurate colour representation is vital.

Gallery White offers high colour fidelity in warm white light (3000K) and achieves impressive red-value saturated colour ranges (R1-15 inclusive) to enhance the contrast of retail merchandise, artworks and skin tones. Colour temperature remains stable over time, ambient temperature and drive current.

Gallery White emitters feature colour consistency with an option for customers to specify 3 SDCM (Standard Deviation of Colour Matching). Accurate colour rendering is a critical factor in achieving the desired ambience in high-performance applications. While the CRI measures the light source against 8 pastel pigment colours (R1-R8), it does not take into account saturated solids (R9-R12) or other important red values (R13-R15). Not only does Gallery White achieve a CRI of 97, the emitter also delivers outstanding R1 to R15 values between 96 and 99 and typically 85 at R12.

The tiny emitters work with total internal reflection (TIR) lenses to produce smooth, glare-free beam profiles from very compact fixtures while delivering 30% more Lux-on-Target quality light than high-CRI competing products. A suite of complementary TIR lenses that enable fixtures with beam widths from 9 degrees to 50 degrees is available.

Gallery White emitters are based on LED Engin”s robust and reliable LuxiGen(TM) platform. Using a proprietary process, LED die are attached to a multilayer substrate developed and patented by the company. The emitter has an exceptionally good CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) construction that allows die to be driven to higher current levels (up to 1.2A), generating more lux for a given die footprint with less thermal resistance. This innovative thermal packaging design means that junction temperatures remain low, ensuring long operating life. Combined with a unique phosphor recipe to deliver unrivalled colour quality, the emitter”s CTE matching performance means colour point stability is maintained throughout the product”s long service life (>50,000hrs).


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