Compact Ka-band microwave power module delivers 50W output power for UAV satcom uplinks

New from Link Microtek is a compact Ka-band microwave power module that offers designers an ideal way to satisfy the size, weight and power requirements of satellite communications links within unmanned aerial vehicles. Manufactured by L-3 Electron Devices, the M1871 NanoMPM can deliver an output power of 50W over the frequency range 29-31GHz from a package measuring just 167.6 x 104.1 x 25.4mm and weighing only 1.13kg. Frequency coverage up to 38GHz is available at reduced power levels.

The unit combines a solid-state driver with vacuum power booster and integrated power conditioner in a single enclosure that is much smaller, lighter and more efficient than a traditional travelling-wave-tube amplifier.

The new module achieves a small signal gain of 28dB over the 29-31GHz range and can be operated in either CW or pulse mode. Its consumed prime power from a common 28 VDC bus yields an operational efficiency in excess of 25%, which is significantly higher than other competing technologies, including gallium nitride.

Suitable for use in extreme environmental conditions, this ruggedly constructed unit has an operating temperature range of -40 to +85degC and can withstand 95% humidity, altitudes of up to 50,000ft, severe shock and vibration, and accelerations up to 7 g.

The M1871 NanoMPM utilises a 2.9mm connector for the RF input, a WR28 waveguide for the RF output and micro-D connectors for the power and control interfaces, with TTL signals provided for indication of warm-up mode, high voltage OK and fault condition.



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