Coherent polymer fibre from OMC transmits hi-res remote images

OMC, a specialist UK company working in optoelectronics, has released a new coherent polymer fibre which enables high resolution remote imaging. The bundle consists of thousands of individual polymer fibre cores which are arranged coherently at each end such that the image incident on one fibre face is visible on the other face.

Commenting OMC”s commercial director, William Heath, said, “The fibre is designed to provide a lower cost solution to remote imaging in applications where the extremely small diameters of coherent glass fibre (such as those used to image inside blood vessels) are not required. The resolution is very high, making the fibre suitable not only for high resolution imaging, but also high precision sensing, remote vision, passive surveillance, and imaging in inaccessible areas. The technology is extremely versatile and we are just waiting to see what other applications design engineers can come up with.”

The high tensile strength coherent polymer fibre consists of over 7000 individual pixels for high resolution imaging. 2.0mm and 2.5mm cable diameters are available and the cores are protected by a robust outer protection layer.

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