Cleanliness Inspection System Can Now Be Used as a Digital Microscope

The OLYMPUS CIX100 cleanliness inspection system’s latest software update includes a new microscope mode, providing component manufacturers with an all-in-one imaging solution for particle analysis and microscope inspections.

The CIX100 system is a turnkey solution dedicated to technical cleanliness inspection with a guided workflow, analysis tools and integrated industry standards. An optimised autofocus routine and optional overview scan in CIX™ software version 1.5 speed up the automated analysis, making it even easier to achieve repeatable results quickly. The new microscopy mode enables users to leave the dedicated cleanliness inspection workflow to perform microscopic imaging for other applications.

Microscope Mode with Material Solutions
Microscope mode capabilities can be expanded with a suite of optional material analysis solutions—from interactive microscopy and layer thickness measurement in surface coatings to the automatic evaluation of grain sizes—enabling users to customise the system for their needs.

Software Enhancements for Cleanliness Inspection
The update includes a streamlined workflow for routine cleanliness applications where the overview scan is unnecessary. Users can benefit from faster scanning with a deactivation option, as well as improved autofocus and fibre classification.

New Standards
Now the OLYMPUS CIX100 system supports the ASTM E1216-11 standard, including the calculation of the Surface Cleanliness Index (SCI).

SQL Server Update
New OLYMPUS CIX100 systems come with CIX software version 1.5 and Microsoft SQL Server 2017.

Update to CIX Software Version 1.5
CIX100 customers* may use their existing license for a free update to CIX software version 1.5. Material analysis solutions in the microscope mode require a separate license to be purchased. To learn about all material solutions for the microscope mode, visit

For more information about the OLYMPUS CIX100 cleanliness inspection system and other industrial solutions, visit

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