Chomerics reinforced elastomer seals maintain surface electrical continuity at joints and seams

Chomerics Europe – a division of Parker Hannifin – is now offering a range of reinforced moulded elastomer seals. The CHO-SEAL products are available in either conductive or non-conductive formats and are designed for use in applications such as airframes to provide EMI shielding, lightning protection, HIRF protection and radar cross-section reduction by maintaining surface continuity at joints, seams and openings in air frames.

The CHO-SEAL reinforced elastomer seals consist of a corrosion resistant elastomer base with an integral woven or knitted fabric or wire mesh which gives excellent mechanical properties that allow the seals to be used in the most demanding applications.

Depending on the requirements of a specific application, Chomerics can use any one of a number of its corrosion resistant silver plated aluminium and silver plated nickel filled standard Mil/Aero silicones and fluorosilicones as the base material.

Knitted Dacron fabrics dramatically increase the tensile strength of the elastomer without adding weight to the seal. For applications where high current carrying capability is required, for example to provide lightning strike protection, aluminium or wire mesh can be used. If needed other reinforcing materials can be used to give characteristics such as flame resistance.


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