CHO-SHRINK heat shrinkable shielding provides alternative to traditional metal braid cable

Chomerics Europe has added a new variant to its range of CHO-SHRINK heat shrinkable EMI cable shielding products. The CHO-SHRINK 1120 offers an alternative to traditional heavy metal braid cable shielding in commercial applications such as automotive cable assemblies, telecom cabling and medical electronics. The new material complements the existing CHO-SHRINK 1061 material that is specifically designed to meet the stringent demands and higher performance requirements of military and aerospace applications.

CHO-SHRINK 1120 utilises polyolefin heat shrinkable tubing coated with Chomerics’ unique silver plated copper system to provide 360° protection. Shielding effectiveness is 50 to 60 dB (above 500 MHz). CHO-SHRINK 1120 provides a low cost solution for any application that requires high levels of shielding and can also give valuable weight savings of between 40 and 65% versus metal braided cable shielding materials.

CHO-SHRINK allows straightforward assembly of shielding systems for complex wiring harnesses and provides a reliable, professional looking assembly. Ease of use is enhanced by the availability of various connector boots and transition pieces in addition to regular tubing.

As well as performing the crucial role of providing shielding from electromagnetic interference, CHO-SHRINK also creates a valuable environmental shield against, dust, moisture and other contaminants. Importantly, the material remains flexible once shrunk to allow easy routing of cables. If required, re-work and repair can also be easily completed by cutting off the CHO-SHRINK material and installing new lengths.

CHO-SHRINK materials can be shrunk using conventional heating equipment and by employing processes commonly used on ordinary non-conductive shrinkable plastics; hot air blowers and infrared techniques provide the simplest method of shrinking. CHO-SHRINK tubing is supplied in standard stocked lengths of 4 ft. with transition sections able to provide a coupling for longer lengths. The large range of boots allows the selection of the optimal part for specific connectors and interfaces.


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