Chemigraphic introduces new programme manager function to optimise forecasting

Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider Chemigraphic has established a brand new ‘programme manager’ function within its sales and planning team. The new position is a direct result of Chemigraphic’s newly implemented ERP system, IFS and will enable the sales and planning team to work more effectively with each of its customers.

Chemigraphic’s Laura Goring has taken up the first of the programme manager positions and will liaise with customers to better understand their requirements, potential barriers to progress and expectations early on in each relationship. This added layer of customer liaison, coupled with data drawn from the ERP system, allows Chemigraphic to create an improved, clear forecast for each customer and each project, in order to manage capacity and activity peaks as far ahead as possible.

Once this information is recorded in IFS, Chemigraphic will be able to optimise the manufacturing and supply chain agreements and strategies, aligning their own forecasts with those of each customer and their respective variables.

Laura, previously a member of Chemigraphic’s purchasing team, has extensive knowledge of the manufacturing and purchasing processes, which places her in a good position to understand and discuss specific requirements and concerns with each customer.

Commenting on her new role, Laura says: “Different customers have different systems and tools with which they plan and forecast their production and manufacturing schedules, which will inevitably change and differ throughout the year. Understanding the variables for each customer before inputting information into our own systems is incredibly useful for us as a business, but will also provide our customers with considerable benefits and mean that we can work more efficiently to the demands of their business.”

John Johnston, NPI and Sales Director at Chemigraphic, comments: “Laura is a great example of the incredible talent we have coming up through the business, making an enormous impact on the service we offer our customers and the way we operate. The implementation of IFS allows us to work in a much smarter, more forward-thinking manner and the new programme manager role is a direct result of that new capability.”

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