Chassis Plans company launches new and improved website 

The leader in ruggedised computers, tablets, storage and display systems for defence and military applications, Chassis Plans has launched their new and improved website at

Chassis Plans’ new website was developed for their customers, especially for the rapidly growing military, industrial and commercial systems manufacturers and OEMs who require computer systems, tablets, storage and display solutions that not only can operate well in extreme and hazardous environments, but also provide Revision Control, enabling them to know that their system components will be available for years to come.

“The biggest upgrade is much better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO),” says Steve Travis, co-founder and VP at Chassis Plans. “Customers searching the web for our types of products will find our website, and our products, much quicker and easier than before. Once customers arrive at the website, they will experience a much-improved look and feel. We have also updated the product data content to help answer customer questions ahead of time.”

The new Chassis Plans website also provides better and easier navigation, enabling customers to quickly find the ruggedised solutions that they need for their specific applications. In addition, we have enhanced our product descriptions and technical options, making it easier for customers to design and customise the specific solution that meets their requirements.

This new site provides Chassis Plans a platform to build from. It was structured to command the best (SEO) and enables the company to quickly add new ruggedised solutions and update product specifications. This updating ability for new products, technology and market information will enable the company to always present relevant data to current and potential customers.

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