Charcroft: Challenge Accepted!

Credit: Charcroft Electronics

Charcroft Electronics take pride in their level of service and knowledge and how they are perceived is very important to them so therefore have been looking at how to improve this further. The company has recently been working on their new linecard, which is available online or via their sales teams now, and a brand new website which is coming soon. As part of this review, Charcroft have also been working on their branding and realised they need a new slogan. According to Charcroft, the previous slogan – ‘Knowledge of yesterday, looking after today, supporting tomorrow’ – is still very relevant and captures the specific brand of expertise but is not very catchy.

After much discussion, the company could not agree on a new slogan so they sent out the challenge to their staff asking how they would describe the company in one sentence, what sums them up to people?

Overwhelmed with the response, the ideas that people were coming up with were not only innovative, but incredibly positive, according to Charcroft. After a tough decision-making process, the company went with the slogan that particularly caught their attention: ‘Charcroft: Challenge Accepted!’

According to the company’s blog, “this sung to us, appealing to our competitive nature as a business, and also to the pride we have in our ability to problem solve, offer unprecedented levels of service, and provide solutions where others may not be able to. It speaks volumes about the confidence we have in our own ability, but most importantly, the confidence our own employees have in our ability. It is a true reflection of the whole ethos of Charcroft Electronics. So if you have a challenge to set us – we accept!”

Charcroft’s new blog page can be found here:

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