CES 2018: Hisense Group & Corephotonics set new benchmarks in range & accuracy with automotive 3D camera system

Hisense Group and its subsidiary Hisense TransTech, a leader in intelligent transportation systems, and Corephotonics, the pioneer for dual camera technologies, will be demonstrating TransportEye, a game-changing automotive stereo 3D camera system at CES in Las Vegas. This is the culmination of an extensive co-development process, with the respective expertise of both companies being pivotal in achieving the highest range and accuracy required for ADAS while fully complying with automobile industry reliability standards.

The TransportEye system has the longest detection range currently supported by any automotive stereo camera – reaching distances of up to 100m. This is combined with a wide field of view, necessary for earlier hazard detection, plus industry-leading low-light performance. It has a very compact design, with a camera baseline of just 12cm, making it the smallest solution in the industry to possess long range capabilities. Taking up minimal space, the TransportEye system fits conveniently behind a car’s rearview mirror.

Thanks to the advanced proprietary algorithms allowing sub-pixel accuracy for depth map creation, combined with high precision calibration techniques employed, the TransportEye automotive stereo camera system achieves elevated degrees of depth ranging accuracy – down to one per cent. These algorithms also play a key a role in dynamically compensating for misalignment of cameras due to vibrations and extreme temperature variance.

“Hisense Group, together with its subsidiary Hisense TransTech, has served the global transportation market for several decades, gaining an innate understanding of the various challenges that automotive OEMs are facing nowadays,” states Charlie Wang, CTO of Hisense Group. “By working with the engineering staff at Corephotonics on this project we are enabling the most advanced safety features to the broadening automotive camera market. Through this partnership Hisense Group plans to extend its reach into the ADAS market with the vision to serve autonomous driving vehicles.”

“This strategic collaboration with Hisense Group is an important milestone for Corephotonics. It extends our reach beyond the mobile sector into exciting new vertical markets, such as automotive,” states David Mendlovic, CEO of Corephotonics. “The combination of our unique innovations in camera design and computational imaging, together with Hisense’s technologies and extensive production capabilities has proven essential for the success of this venture.”

You can see the TransportEye live demo by visiting the Hisense booth at CES 2018 – Central Hall, Booth #10039.

For more information about TransportEye stereo 3D camera, please visit: http://corephotonics.s165.upress.link/automotive/transporteye

A video clip is available here: https://youtu.be/MjRQyBE2uhU

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