CES 2014 – SurfaceSound technology delivers multi-channel audio directly from the TV screen

Cambridge based flat-screen audio and haptics specialist Redux Labs has for the first time publicly demonstrated its OnScreen platform, a flat screen audio OEM technology for TVs that uses the screen itself as the loadspeaker. The technology eliminates the need for component speakers in the bezel, allowing for more striking designs to be created, and enables manufacturers to deliver high quality audio out of the box, meaning no additional sound bar is required.

OnScreen uses the company’s bending wave haptics to deliver high quality multichannel audio – rendering stereo or left/centre/right channels – from the screen itself by surface excitation of the chemically strengthened cover glass on the display. The technology scales to any screen size. Redux has a broad portfolio of IP that enables audio to be created from any surface.

OnScreen has been created to work with glass or other transparent surface materials which are being incorporated into next generation high-end television sets, tablets, phones and PC displays.

OnScreen can be viewed by appointment in the Redux demonstration suite, LVH Hotel, East Tower, room 969.

Commenting Redux Labs CEO, James Lewis, said: “For years now manufacturers have been trading audio quality for aesthetics, but you just have to watch your favourite music video to realise that poor audio resolution affects the viewing pleasure far more than poor video quality.

“The only alternative that consumers had was to buy a rather ugly sound bar and put it in front of the very beautiful TV. This is clearly not the answer. Our SurfaceSound IP as shown in the OnScreen demo eliminates the need for additional speakers, so you get top quality audio from the TV straight out of the box. TV companies can now deliver exceptional sound and beautiful designs.”



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