Certified Ha-VIS Middleware offers easy integration of RFID data into production management systems

The Ha-VIS Middleware from HARTING is a system that offers easy and flexible integration of data from UHF RFID readers into production management systems. HARTING successfully fulfilled the official certification process of the GS1 EPCglobal open standard, in August 2014, making Ha-VIS Middleware the only European product on the market which allows users to implement UHF RFID into projects in a transparent, future-proof and reliably tested way.

In addition to offering simple integration of various stationary UHF RFID readers, the system will collect all types of transponder information and will carry out filtering, grouping and aggregation of the collected data. Procedural sequences can be triggered manually, with digital inputs and outputs or with timers, and cumulative data reports can be prepared in various formats including MySQL, http and tcp.

Read, write and lock functionality for the RFID transponders is enabled, and data such as passwords can be imported from various sources such as caches, association tables, or random numbers.

The HARTING Ha-VIS Middleware is based on the open standard ALE 1.1 of the GS1 EPCglobal. This standard defines functionalities like read/write operations, filtering and triggers, and clearly specifies how to interact with these functionalities from external software. The standard guaranties a reliable, durable, well-documented and testable foundation which is maintained and developed by the GS1 EPCglobal.



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