CeramTec develops turnkey ultrasonic gas flow sensor solution capability for manufacturers

With the ultrasonic gas measurement market expanding due to an increase in accuracy requirements and functionality offered by smart meters, CeramTec is now offering fully-assembled ultrasonic sensors, resulting in significantly shorter development times for manufacturers.

Advancements within CeramTec’s high volume manufacturing capability and materials expertise mean it can now respond more quickly to unprecedented demand for sensors and transducers. While many sensors require manual tuning, CeramTec is engineering solutions that eliminate this need by guaranteeing a greater degree of reciprocity between the devices. This, in turn, reduces the time and cost investment for manufacturers.

The sensors allow for the maximum sound to be transmitted into the medium over a wide frequency spectrum. Designed specifically for harsh environments, they offer high levels of resistance to toluene and other chemicals present in natural gas compositions, ensuring greater durability, increased longevity, and high levels of accuracy over time.

The company has been developing its range to offer sensors within frequencies of 100kHz to 500kHz for the residential ultrasonic metering market, sensitivities to -50dB or better, and sensors exhibiting bandwidths as wide as 50kHz+ -3dB for a 300kHz ultrasonic transducer.

Charles Dowling, business development manager at CeramTec, explained: “The physical properties of our new sensor technology, combined with our high-volume production capability of sensors and piezo components leaves us well placed to accommodate the diverse requirements of manufacturers of domestic gas meters. This new technology provides a platform for new and existing meter manufacturers to develop their ultrasonic gas metering solution.”


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