E-Design Webinars: Greenliant present ‘Capabilities of SSDs for Aerospace & Industrial Markets’

Astute is pleased to announce the first ‘In Partnership’ webinar with memory franchise, Greenliant. 15 October, 10 am Astute’s ‘In Partnership with’ webinars bring our franchises to you for a focused 30 minutes on product offerings, industry specifics and more. Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised UK and Ireland distributor …

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Why end-to-end supply chain security matters and how to have proper protection

The security paradigm is changing, and firmware attacks are a growing and serious security concern across all end markets. TPM and MCU-based ‘static’ solutions are not sufficient for comprehensive protection needed in a constantly changing and increasingly risky supply chain environment. NEW WEBINAR OFFERS SOLUTION TO LACK OF END-TO-END SECURITY  …

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