Press Releases

Telonic Instruments introduces compact PCR-WE/WE2 AC/DC power supply range

Telonic Instruments ships Kikusui’s latest compact switching power supplies, designed to reduce power consumption and costs for testing in a wide range of markets. The PCR-WE/WE2 series of multi-functional switching AC power supplies range from 1 kVA to 36 kVA AC/DC output with frequency conversion from 1Hz to 5kHz. They …

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Cliff add a Locking Power Connector to CLIFFON Range

Cliff Electronics, have added a locking connector to their very successful CLIFFCON power connector range. The CLIIFCON-P range is comprised of a power input plug and socket, a power output plug and socket and an inline cable extension coupler.  The ergonomically shaped locking power input and output plugs are colour …

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Customised Rugged Open Frame Monitors

CDS Customised Open frames

CDS offers custom open frame monitors and multi touch monitors to meet all its industrial and Gaming / Casino customers demands, despite having the widest range of open frame monitors in Europe. But we know there are special requirements for specific applications and markets which many suppliers do not want …

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CDS Still Offer SAW Touchscreen Monitors

CDS Saw touch

Although CDS has a wide range of PCAP monitors as this technology has become more popular we still offer standard Sound Acoustic Wave (SAW) touchscreen monitors to meet your exact requirements if this is the technology you still wish to use. CDS sees this strategy as critical to support our …

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Lowest Cost TFT LCD Video Card in Europe?

cds interface board offer

How much are you paying for your A/D card (LCD Video card) or is the cost hidden in the TFT LCD kit your purchasing? Crystal Display Systems has launched its new LOW COST card which could allow it’s customers to dramatically lower its purchasing cost. CDS has found many companies …

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Large Format Open Framed Monitors from CDS

CDS open framed displays

CDS has added to its range of large format open frame monitors and touch monitors (32”-65”) to meet a number of Industrial and Gaming / Casino applications that are looking for a larger size monitors high resolution panels including FULL HD or even Ultra High Definition (UHD), but still maintaining …

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High End Signage with the SWAN Board

CDS Swan Interface Card

The high-end signage application interface board, the Swan, is an advanced TFT-LCD monitor control board. With RGB, DisplayPort, DVI and HDMI inputs. It is suitable for video resolutions up to WQXGA @ 60Hz. In all video modes the full display area of the module is used. The design is implemented …

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Not Bright Enough for You? We can Enhance

If our incredible ultra wide stretched and high bright displays aren’t bright enough for you don’t panic 🙂 Found the perfect size and resolution but the high bright display just doesn’t cut it? We can resolve the problem as we can enhance our wide stretched displays up to 2,000 nits! Take …

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CDS Adds Tianma NLT TFTs to its Product Range


CDS can supply you with the Tianma NLT (formerly known as NEC) TFT panels at very good prices and availability allowing us to add value to our customers’ operations as they find these panels overpriced or protected which can artificially hold the price high. But contact us with your requirements …

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2 channel TFT Programmable voltmeter

MMS Electronics Ltd, supplier of display and sensor products has available an easy programmable TFT voltmeter with snap in bezel. The meters have two analogue input channels with input range from 0 to 40V DC, 2 alarm outputs and SPI/I²C port. Versions with 4-20mA inputs and a waterproof model is …

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