Wireless & Communications

Plextek develops new techniques to bring clarity to CCTV surveillance

Plextek has developed new codecs to address the issue of poor image quality that has become synonymous with many wireless CCTV surveillance systems. Current video surveillance techniques work well over wired networks, but wireless links add noise and latency that standard techniques such as H.264 and JPEG2000 fail to cope with. The result - intermittent and blurred images which make it difficult to identify perpetrators. Working closely with customers, Plextek have developed a new simplified codec that is based on JPEG2000 and includes enhanced compression techniques to improve wireless video performance.

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Wireless infrastructure market rebounds in 2011

Global spending on wireless infrastructure gear is set to return to growth in 2011, following two years of stagnation, as carriers migrate their networks to newer-generation technologies. The worldwide wireless infrastructure equipment market is projected to generate growth of 9.1 percent in 2011, with revenue rising to $42.5 billion, up from $38.98 billion in 2010, according to IHS iSuppli, the market analysts.

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