LED Technology

The perfect replacement for downlights

V-TAC, the innovative LED lighting brand, has launched a wide range of mini LED panels, creating the perfect replacement for downlights that start from just £3.99. Ranging from 3w (210 lumens) to 24w (2,000 lumens), in either a square or round super slim design, the mini LED panels use a …

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The future of power LED technology

GD Rectifiers design and manufacture customised cooling solutions for power LED lighting manufacturers. In this exclusive article with CIE Magazine they explain the benefits, challenges and the future ahead of LED lighting Benefits of power LED lighting LED lights are a semiconductor device that convert electricity. They are extremely energy …

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How smart dimming technologies can help to optimise visual impact and power consumption of new HDR TVs  

Resolution is the most obvious battleground on which rival TV and display manufacturers fight. Consumers have been willing to pay a premium for HD displays, and more recently for 4k displays. Eventually, ultra-high definition 8k displays are expected to supersede the current generation of high-end TVs. David Gamperl, produt manager, …

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