Internet of Things

Fitting together the IIoT connectivity puzzle

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will greatly change almost every industry at a rate faster than any previous disruption. Companies, and whole industries, must react quickly to capitalise on the new capabilities and avoid obsolescence. Dr. Stan Schneider, CEO, RTI, talks about how the IIC, Industry 4.0, DDS, and …

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Steps towards the connected evolution

Digital transformation is enabling previously disconnected entities, such as heating systems, houses, retail systems, cars, and appliances, to come together. By linking “things” with sensors and actuators via data gateways and sophisticated control systems, it is now possible to deliver and receive information that allows these entities to be managed …

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The five key challenges of IoT design

Industry forecasts suggest that we’ll soon see tens of billions of things, from nannycams through bridge strain sensors to entire aircraft, connected to an ‘Internet of Things’ through which they will report data and take instructions. Many of these ‘smart objects’ will be functionally simple but expected to operate for …

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