Castle Microwave partners with Swissto12

Castle Microwave has a legacy of identifying new technologies and bringing the capabilities of innovative suppliers to the UK RF/Microwave market.

With the development of Additive Manufacturing (AM) techniques and an increasing number of defence, aerospace and space applications adopting the technology due to the advantages of providing mass reduction over traditional materials whilst retaining structural integrity, with their proprietary technology in developing AM solutions for RF and Microwave applications, Castle Microwave are excited to now present Swissto12 to its customers.

Based in Renens, Switzerland, Swissto12 provide a unique capability in providing custom AM solutions at RF/Microwave frequencies including waveguide and waveguide components, antenna components (filters, diplexers, slotted waveguide arrays), electronically steered antenna arrays for LEO applications at Ku and Ka-bands and also GEO applications from X to Q-bands, phase matched horn antenna arrays and spiral antennas for EW (ELINT/SIGINT), all of which are designed in-house by their team of RF engineers, manufactured, qualified and tested to customer specifications.

Offering the ability to design and manufacture parts that cannot be produced by machine methods, Swissto12 are described as the leaders in delivering AM solutions for high-reliability applications.

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