CamdenBoss launches innovative ip68 connector range for waterproof applications

CamdenBoss, provider of performance engineered interconnection and enclosures, has launched new IP68 waterproof connectors that offer a range of benefits including innovative one-piece construction to reduce the possibility of incorrect assembly.


The heavy duty, robust and strong CPWP3 range features an integrated terminal block design so there are no small parts that might be dropped. This makes them ideal for use in field cable joining applications where losing parts can create difficulties. The compact one-piece construction ensures ease of installation with colour-coded screws/terminals making wiring up easy, while the inclusion of Braille points ensures correct identification of connections in low light conditions.


The CPWP3 range includes three models – a waterproof field assembly T connector, a waterproof field assembly in-line connector and a 3-pole waterproof panel mount connector. Specifications include voltage and current ratings of 250V/16A, contact resistance of 10mO, insulation resistance of 500MO at 500V DC and temperature rating from -40 to +105°C. Contact/terminal material is nickel- plated brass and size OD (outside diameter) range for the T and in-line connectors is 5.5mm to 8.5mm. For the panel mount connector, minimum wire size OD is 6mm, 10mm maximum.


Complementing the CPWP3 range is the CPWPES family of waterproof assembly splitters offering 3, 5 and 9 outputs from a 3-pole single input. These provide a compact, convenient, waterproof and extremely robust method for connecting a feed cable to several outputs. The 3- and 5-way splitters offer a voltage rating of 400V at 20A and 17A respectively while the 9-way splitter is rated at 250V/10A.


Compliant with EN61984 and CE approved, the new waterproof assembly connectors from CamdenBoss are ideal for all field installation applications.

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