Cambridge Nanotherm to host workshop on LED thermal management at Light Experience and Control in April

Cambridge Nanotherm, producers of nanoceramic thermal management technology, will be hosting a workshop on Thermal Management for LEDs at the LED Light Experience & Control events hosted by Osram OptoElectronics in April. The event is intended to allow designers and engineers of both LEDs and luminaires the opportunity to bring themselves up-to-speed on the latest developments in LED technology, and network with professionals in various fields of the LED industry.
The two events will take place at 9am on 14th April at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, and on 16th April at the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre, Madejski Stadium, Reading. The events will combine technical presentations, thirty-minute technical workshops, and partner tabletop exhibitions. Attendees can click here to see an agenda, and are encouraged to register early, as demand is anticipated to be high and space limited.
“Thermal management is one of the most critical areas for LED and luminaire designers,” commented Ralph Weir, CEO, Cambridge Nanotherm, “Yet it’s also one of the areas where knowledge of the fundamentals and most recent technologies is somewhat lacking. We hope to kick open the door and show designers some of the advances that have taken place in this field.”
Cambridge Nanotherm’s thirty-minute workshop, occurring in the afternoon, will take place as part of Osram’s wider LED Light for You partner programme. Cambridge Nanotherm will be hosting its workshop and exhibiting alongside such notaries as LEDIL, RS Components, Microchip and DK Thermal Solutions.

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