Cambridge Nanotherm builds-in capacity to continue rapid expansion

Cambridge Nanotherm has announced the switch-on of a new electricity substation to cope with demand for its nanoceramic thermal management products. This development underlines Cambridge Nanotherm’s continuing strong expansion, particularly in the LED lighting field – where its technology allows designers to create brighter, longer-lasting and more cost-effective LED applications.
Earlier this year, Cambridge Nanotherm announced its first fully automated production line, the appointment of Ralph Weir as CEO, and its accreditation to ISO9000. Since announcing the installation of that first production line in March, the company has seen a steady increase in demand for its nanoceramic thermal management products. This has driven a significant increase in demand for electrical power as the factory ramps up.
“2014 has been a fantastic year for us,” commented Ralph Weir, CEO of Cambridge Nanotherm.  “Many electronic and LED manufacturers are starting to realise the thermal benefits of working with nanoceramics, which are simultaneously cheaper than high-end “metal PCB” materials and higher performance. Upgrading our systems was necessary to cope with the demand. The new substation gives us the power for our expansion plans through 2015 – and beyond”.
Thermal management is a significant issue in many areas of electronics. In the case of High Brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs) the inability of existing solutions to remove heat quickly enough is significantly limiting the development of a new generation of more effective LED designs.
Cambridge Nanotherm’s patented process builds a nanoceramic layer on sheets of Aluminium. The material is completed by a layer of copper, and can be converted into a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) by standard PCB fabricators. The nanoceramic layer acts as a dielectric with exceptional thermal properties, removing heat up to 20% more efficiently than the competition whilst also offering significant cost savings. The upshot is an affordable thermal management substrate / PCB material that outperforms everything else in its class.
“Cambridge Nanotherm extends its heartfelt thanks to New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership,” added Ralph. “They have been strong supporters of the company as we have grown, and have assisted us again with the planning and funding of the new substation. The New Anglia LEP has clearly recognised the potential behind our technology, and has been a superb partner throughout in assisting us with our expansion plans.”

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