Cambridge Electronic Industries introduces Precision 75Ohms Micro BNC connectors for smaller, lighter 12G-SDI cameras and broadcast equipment

The Precision 75 Ohms Micro BNC connector is far more compact than current standard connectors

Cambridge Electronic Industries, a specialist designer and manufacturer of coaxial connectors and cable assemblies for the broadcast and machine vision markets, is launching a new range of high speed Micro BNC connectors for smaller cameras and devices using the higher resolution formats: 12G-SDI, 4K, HDR and UHD, where higher density is required.

The new connectors are one third of the size of standard BNC connectors and are designed for the newer generation of compact, lightweight broadcast cameras and equipment. The connectors are being sold under our name: CoaXVision Brand.

The CoaXVision Micro BNC range contains connectors in various configurations which can be attached to a cable or PCB mounted. There are diagonal dual port connectors which increase the packing density whilst meeting the requirements of standard PCI card applications, a stacked dual port connector which removes the need for PCB mezzanine configurations and a changeable interface range which offers alternative interfaces in a single board design.

The connectors also come with different mounting options: right angle, edge mounting, top entry and bulkhead with various leg and body lengths.

The Micro BNC connector range shares compatibility with HD BNC and Ultra Tiny BNC and the cable mounted connectors are compatible with various cables such as Belden 1694A, 1855A, 4694R, 4855R and 4505R.

Cambridge Electronic Industries is an established supplier to the global broadcast and machine vision markets, providing cables and cable assemblies to major manufacturers of professional broadcast equipment, plus custom design, cable assemblies and manufacturing services.

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