Cadence: automotive electronics redefined

Cadence introduces its latest automotive solutions at embedded world 2018. Hall 4/4-116, contact on booth: Robert Schweiger, Cadence

ADAS: Full HD 360° surround view

Cadence introduces an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) rapid-prototyping platform developed jointly with various partners that runs on a high-performance SoC with 14 processor kernels including four Tensilica Vision P6 DSPs. Based on this platform, various ADAS applications will show how to process signals from multiple cameras in real time. For example, four full HD video streams are processed and warped together to generate a 360° surround view picture in full HD.

A second demo shows a CNN-based pedestrian detection running on an ADAS reference board.

FPGA prototyping: Automotive pedestrian recognition on Cadence Protium S1

Pedestrian detection is an essential function in today’s advanced, automotive driver-assistance systems. The intense verification requirements of these systems, combined with the ever-increasing time-to-market and competitive pressure, calls for new ways for product validation and hardware/software integration.

With its fast time-to-prototype and innovative ASIC-to-FPGA migration capabilities, Cadence Protium S1 FPGA-based prototyping platform plays an integral and key role in getting these systems verified and working correctly the first time.

The pedestrian recognition reference design runs a human form recognition algorithm on a live video stream and visualises the result for further processing, all on the Protium S1 FPGA-based prototype system. This makes it the ideal environment for early, pre-silicon HW/SW validation and proof-of-concept demonstration.

ECU PCB design: Sigrity Ethernet compliance testing

The demo shows how to design and verify automotive Ethernet serial links using the Sigrity serial link analysis methodology. Simulating and verifying your designs and to meet compliance standards before sending them to the lab will reduce design re-spins and saves significant time and money.

Sigrity ESD simulation for Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

Sigrity SPEED2000 is used to simulate an ESD event on a printed circuit board using an ESD gun model. Learn how passive components such as transient-voltage-suppression (TVS) diodes can protect your design from an ESD event without overdesigning the protection scheme. By utilising the ESD simulation workflow early in the design cycle, the cost-effective prototype can be send to the lab with confidence and helps avoiding time consuming lab debug and re-design because of unveiled ESD issues.

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