BVM develops fanless embedded system for mobile and desktop applications

All processors can address 4GB DDR3 memory, with 2GB DDR3 on-board and an expansion slot for a further 2GB to be added. Optionally up to 8 channels of audio/video capture can be fitted. Intel virtualisation technology allows multiple independent O/S to run on the system: Win CE 6.0, Win XPE, Win 7 Embedded and Linux are available as standard.

Typical applications include HD audio/video capture for intelligent monitoring in vehicle or fixed installations. The embedded CAN-bus capability provides communication with vehicle systems to monitor engine and vehicle parameters. Other uses include processor-intensive tasks in medical and process control applications.

Two combo RJ-45 copper and SFP fibre Gigabit LAN ports are provided, there are two 5Gb/s USB3.0 and four USB2.0 ports, a SATA3.0 6Gb/s mass storage interface and eight COM ports. Optional 8-channel HD audio and video capture combines with standard 2048 x 1536 VGA and 1920 x 1200 HDMI dual displays. Dual band 2.4/5GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless communications gives Wi-Fi capability with up to 450Mb/s bandwidth.

Two redundant power inputs ensure reliable operation, avoiding sudden shutdowns and consequent data loss. Power is derived from either of two 9-36VDC external supplies, typically car or truck batteries; a separate autoranging AC adaptor can also be accommodated. The system is housed in a robust chassis that offers excellent protection against shock and vibration.


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