Bridgtek demonstrates ability to solve real-world problems using its PanL technology

Bridgetek returns to CES with a significantly strengthened PanL offering. The company will be showcasing this unique technology by applying it to a variety of activities, so as to give system integrators inspiration as to how they can make use of it.

PanL Room Manager, which combines a PanL Hub with a series of PanL70 PLUS units (each having a 7” full color display with capacitive touchscreen and integrated RFID), provides an intelligent meeting room booking system. Accessing the main page on the display unit, the user can check the status of that meeting room, identify the host of the present meeting and the meeting’s start and finish times. The system also allows new meetings to be set up, or existing ones already arranged to be amended. There is a choice of security options – with the host either relying an RFID card to enter the assigned meeting room at the allotted time, or tapping in a passcode on the touchscreen. The PanL Room Manager’s software directly connects with Microsoft Outlook through Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and other commonly used software packages within the office environment. As a result, users can book meeting rooms directly from calendar appointments. Meetings may be created, edited and viewed from any desktop or portable device (smartphones, tablet computers, etc.) through the accompanying app or via a web browser. A fully operational product with provision for customisation, this is just one example of the breadth of possibilities for PanL technology.

Alongside this will be the PanL Smart Retail demo – which highlights the capabilities of this technology to provide shoppers with details of new products, up to date pricing, the latest promotions and multimedia advertising. Using it, retail outlets will be able to maximise the sales potential of customers while they are on the premises and offer an enhanced shopping experience too. Proximity sensors detect the presence of a shopper in the vicinity. This activates a PanL display unit, which can then play an advert relevant to products located in that aisle. The graphically-rich advertising can be in the form of animations or short video clips with audio included. There is scope for further features to be added to the system relating to stock management. Through such features, store staff would be able to use a PanL display unit’s touchscreen to report out-of-stock items or find out when new stock will become available.

The PanL Smart Living demo shows how Bridgtek is making home automation far easier – allowing the control of various lighting, air conditioning, heating and security systems via one single intuitive touch-based graphical user interface. This presents those inhabiting the house or apartment with greater convenience, as they no longer have to deal with separate apps or controls for each system. It also means that systems can be coordinated with one another – so as to schedule the lighting and heating to come on at the same time, for example.

The PanL Smart Nurse demo is certain to be highly beneficially to hospitals or homes for the elderly. Through this, data would be made easily accessible to nurses/care staff using the display units distributed throughout the facility – thereby enabling them to be kept fully aware of any situation changes over the course of their shifts. With all events that occurred being recorded, thanks to the built-in reports function, administrators could track response times, patient/resident behaviour and staffing patterns, in order to implement operational improvements.

As well as emphasising PanL’s value in domestic, retail, healthcare and office based settings, there will be other demos at the stand that illustrate how this technology could be employed by the horticulture and utilities sectors. With so many possible opportunities for PanL, the question is – what do you want it to be?

See Bridgetek’s PanL technology by visiting CES between 9th and 12th January 2018 (Booth #40337, Level 2, Halls A-D).

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