Break-through cryptocurrency MXC launches ICO

MXC Foundation, the break-through cryptocurrency promoting low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technology driven by the MXProtocol, has officially launched its public ICO, which will run from 30th September 2018 until 1st November 2018. The highly-anticipated public sale will give contributors a chance to get actively involved in MXC, the future of IoT.

Since launching the MXC Foundation just a few months ago, MXC has already secured the support of a powerful group of new investors including Fenbushi Capital, BlockAsset Ventures, Longhash, the VeChain Foundation, Node Capital and QuarkChain.

“MXC differentiates itself from other IoT and data tokens by focusing on the use of LPWAN infrastructure, turning it into the world’s largest device data sharing economy,” said Aaron Wagener, COO, MXC Foundation. “With LPWAN technology, MXC enables fast, end-to-end encrypted data transmissions over long distances. We’re linking hardware to the blockchain, allowing us to provide real-life use cases for this ground-breaking technology.”

Wagener added: “Of the thousands of crypto coins out there, the majority don’t have a truly defined purpose to be used in day to day life. This undermines trust in cryptocurrencies, and rightly so. This is why we need a new generation of cryptocurrency that will fill a purpose that Euros, Pounds or Dollars simply cannot. These are the tokens that were meant for the mass market.”

Details around MXC’s public sale are as follows:

  • The MXC public sale .will be open from 30th September 2018 until 1st November 2018
  • The public sale is due to be open for one month. If the MXC Public Token allocation is sold out before the close date, MXC will continue to leave the public sale open until (A) All contractual partners have transferred their agreed Ethereum, or (B) to allow for users to register as part of the MXC KYC to ensure that future purchases are simplified and that participants are whitelisted for further events. Once the public sale is filled, applicants will be informed, and will no longer be able to transfer funds to MXC.
  • The price of MXC is presently valued at 1.5 cents (USD).
  • MXC will accept a minimum of 1 ETHEREUM and a maximum of 10 ETHEREUM investment from public purchasers. MXC wishes to ensure that those who wish to invest more can be more actively involved with MXC.
  • MXC will be making additional announcements regarding multiple TOP 10 exchanges after the close of the public sale.

MXC combines the LPWAN and the Machine eXchange Protocol (MXProtocol). This is then combined with the Machine eXchange Coin which supports the user with streamlined data transactions and data flow monetisation. Individual users and enterprises can profit from a decentralised and secure LPWAN simply by connecting a LPWAN gateway to the online network. This enables any LPWAN device within range to bid for network access. Bidding and payments are done automatically using MXC.

The MXC public sale is open to anybody who can pass KYC, and is available here.

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