Brainboxes launches quick, reliable and robust industrial automation Ethernet networking device

Liverpool based Brainboxes has introduced the ED-538, one of a new range of compact Ethernet to digital I/O networking devices designed to switch high current and voltage loads in industrial settings – particularly where equipment cannot be easily accessed.

With a power input range between +5V to +30V DC meaning it can run from a 24VDC factory floor supply or a computer USB port, the ED-538 connects Ethernet communications to four galvanically-isolated Form A Relays, eight digital inputs and an RS-485 gateway port allowing users to monitor inputs and control outputs of factory floor machinery from any remote location.

As with all of Brainboxes industrial Ethernet to digital I/O products, the ED-538 has a temperature range of -30ºC to +80ºC, a built-in DIN rail mount as part of its compact design and an “easy wire” feature that makes installation simple and fast with removable colour coded and numbered terminal blocks.

The ED-538 can be configured, monitored and controlled using a Windows COM port driver. The COM port is completely compatible with all popular PC packages such as LabView, MATLAB and Agilent VEE and works with legacy applications without compatibility issues. An easy-to-use, web-based user-interface allows the factory floor to be monitored from a smartphone or tablet.

Commenting Eamonn Walsh, Managing Director of Brainboxes, said “Relays are essentially galvanically isolated switches, Brainboxes ED-538 is a relay connected via an Ethernet cable thus allowing power to several devices to be controlled remotely. This is commonly used to switch power to equipment enabling reboots, activation of cold standby systems or power shutdown, without having to put a highly qualified technician in a car to drive to a remote location. Saving time and expensive manpower resources it allows remote control of a device’s power over the internet -simply press a button.”


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