Brainboxes launches compact and reliable ‘plug and play’ Ethernet switch

Liverpool-based Brainboxes has launched the SW-504, an instant-install, unmanaged Ethernet 4-port switch designed to primarily meet the networking needs of industrial applications where reliability and high performance are paramount.

The SW-504 10/100 MB/s Ethernet switch, that uses a 2K packet size to enhance bulk data transfer and optimise system performance, has galvanically isolated ports to provide safe operation in tough environments and extreme temperatures between -30ºC to +80ºC (-22ºF to +176ºF). It is encased in a non-conductive material for enhanced safety, particularly important for electrical wiring in cabinet spaces.

Reliability is further enhanced with redundant dual power inputs between +5V to +30V DC meaning a second power supply can be fitted as a back-up to prevent down time should one power source fail. The power input range means the SW-504 can be run from: a 24VDC factory floor supply; a standard car battery, making it ideal for in-vehicle and aboard boats; or even a computer USB port, using an optional accessory cable (PW-650).

Easy to install into your existing network and taking up minimal space, the SW-504 is ultra-slim in size at just 22.6mm wide, comes with a DIN rail clip to speed up mounting inside a cabinet and designed with an “easy wire” feature using removable colour-coded and numbered terminal blocks. Power consumption is optimised for maximum efficiency with a power down mode for when the device is inactive.

Commenting Eamonn Walsh, Managing Director of Brainboxes, said, “The SW-504 offers a simple, highly reliable and robust solution for extending your mission-critical Ethernet. It’s slim design and easy wire terminals make it great for fitting into crowded networking cabinets. Matching the same high specification as our industrial range of 5-Port unmanaged Ethernet switches, the SW-504 is essential to prevent the risk of network interruption.”

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