BP series of programmable DC power supplies from Glassman

The BP Series of DC high power regulated programmable power supplies from Glassman Europe have been designed to provide high power density but with low noise and exceptional load transient response. With models in the range offering power levels up to 15kW from a single 3U rack-mountable chassis, they suit a variety of applications ranging from automotive electronics, product development, materials research, ATE and Electro-Magnets and others.

Two versions are available within the series: the BPI models combine advanced intelligent controls to enable sophisticated sequencing, constant power mode, looping of sequences and more. The BPA versions incorporate the same high performance power electronics common to all BP series units, together with a practical front panel for those applications requiring simple front panel V & I control functions. Both versions are also available with RS232, GPIB and Ethernet remote programming options.

Available output voltages range from 0-10Vdc through to 0-800Vdc, with output power ratings of 5kW, 10kW and 15kW. Multiple BP series power supplies can be connected in a parallel master/slave configuration to achieve up to 75kW total output power from a nominal 3-phase 208Vac, 380Vac, 415Vac or 480Vac source, for bulk power applications.

All BP Series power supplies are fully CE certified and come with the assurance of a 3 year parts and labour warranty.



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