Bluetooth innovation training series removes mystery from developing for IoT

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has announced a new low-cost training series targeting developers interested in getting into the Internet of Things. The Bluetooth Innovation Series offers developers practical, in-depth knowledge needed to bring connected products and applications to market faster than ever before. Upcoming dates and locations include May 20th in San Jose; CA, May 27th in Seoul, South Korea; June 10th in Berlin, Germany; August 17th in Shanghai, China; September 14th in London, UK; and October 1st in Boston, MA. Developers can register for any of the trainings at

“As we enter the era of the Internet of Things, smart wireless connectivity is a critical component for any new product to be successful. Increasingly, companies are looking to Bluetooth as the way to add value to their products and services,” said Errett Kroeter, senior director of marketing at the Bluetooth SIG. “The SIG wants to empower developers around the world with the knowledge to bring their latest innovations to market quickly and inexpensively using Bluetooth technology. The Innovation Series is one of the many ways we make that possible.” 

With three billion Bluetooth devices shipping this year and five billion projected to ship by 2019, the Innovation Series arms developers, through hands-on training, with the skill set to build wireless products and applications with Bluetooth Smart technology for audio, wearables, smart home, and anything else in the IoT. Space is limited to offer the best, firsthand learning environment. The program is designed for both newcomers to Bluetooth looking for a springboard to create their first Bluetooth products, and the more experienced looking for insights on how to do it better and faster.

Led by industry experts, the one-day session covers: Bluetooth Smart fundamentals, testing tools, best practices on adding connectivity to everyday objects, and trainings from Nordic Semiconductor and Frontline. Attendees will also get to work with the SIG’s new software development toolkit – Bluetooth Developer Studio – that reduces Bluetooth education time by up to 50% and shortens development time by as much as 70%.

“Our goal from day one was to understand Bluetooth technology from a developer’s point of view, and then create tools and other resources to make it dead simple for any developer to implement it in their product or app,” said Steve Hegenderfer, director of developer programs at the Bluetooth SIG. “Bluetooth is key to our connected lives, and will be an integral part of the Internet of Things as we move forward. You don’t need to be a wireless or Bluetooth expert to get great value out of this training. If you want to be a part of the connected world as a developer, we’ll introduce you to everything you need to get started during the Innovation Series.”

In addition to platinum Nordic Semiconductor and gold Frontline sponsors, CSR and Broadcom are also silver sponsors of this year’s Innovation Trainings. For more information on the Bluetooth SIG developer programs, visit

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