Blue laser 2D/3D profile sensor to be showcased at Southern Manufacturing Show

At the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics exhibition (10th February – 12th February 2015) at FIVE, Farnborough, Micro-Epsilon UK (stand C91) will present its full range of sensor technologies, including the new blue laser 2D/3D profile sensor, non-contact capacitive and confocal displacement sensors, infrared temperature sensors, thermal imagers, and colour recognition systems.
Experts from Micro-Epsilon will be on hand throughout the show to provide advice and guidance on sensor selection or to discuss specific application requirements. This year, the stand will feature five interactive product demonstrations:
Measuring on shiny or red-hot glowing metals
Visitors to the stand can take a close look at the new scanCONTROL BL range of 2D/3D laser profile sensors (laser line scanners), which operate using blue laser technology rather than red. The special characteristics of the blue wavelength laser light make the scanners suitable for a wide range of high precision profile and dimensional measurements on a variety of materials including shiny surfaces, red-hot glowing metals, organic materials (e.g. food, wood and wood veneers), as well as transparent or semi-transparent materials such as plastics, glass, optical components and film/substrates. The sensors offer similar features to Micro-Epsilon’s proven scanCONTROL series of laser profile scanners that use red laser technology. All the controls and electronics are integrated in an extremely lightweight, compact sensor design, enabling the scanners to be installed on robot arms or on machines where there may be little space available for mounting. A variety of interfaces and flexible installation options are available.
Measuring to nanometre resolution
The capaNCDT 6200 is a highly precise, integrated capacitive displacement measuring system that includes a control unit, demodulator and Ethernet interface that supports fast and easy configuration through a web browser. The system allows up to four additional measurement channels to be added (or removed) to the base controller unit without any loss of performance or disruption. Any Micro-Epsilon capacitive displacement sensor can be connected to the controller without any additional calibration required. As a multi-channel device with nanometer accuracy (resolution is down to 0.002µm), the capaNCDT 6200 can be used in a variety of non-contact displacement, position and distance measurement applications. The capabilities of the system will be demonstrated on the stand by measuring the deflection of granite stone to nanometre resolution.
MEMS, clear film, PCBs and layers
For measurement tasks that require maximum precision (e.g. electronics R&D and production, semiconductor manufacturing) the IFS 2405 confocal chromatic sensor offers extremely high sensitivity and sub-micrometre resolution, providing advantages when it comes to inspecting the shape and size of small structures (e.g. MEMS) during or post-production. These sensors can be integrated to linear X-Y stages, machine tools or special purpose inspection systems. As well as distance measurements on reflective and transparent materials, the sensors can also perform one-sided thickness measurement of clear film, PCBs or layers.
Measuring colours and shades on-the-fly
The stand will also feature a demonstration of the ACS7000 inline colour measurement system, which not only recognises reference colours by comparison, but also identifies individual colours from their coordinates in the colour space. With its very high measurement speed, the system is suitable for a wide range of inline measuring tasks where colours and shades have to be examined on-the-fly and to very high accuracies. The system is equally suitable for offline R&D laboratory applications. Existing applications include automotive paint inspection, colour measurement of car interiors, forensics, printing, medical technology, and in the processing of plastics, wood, veneer and textiles.
Best-in-class thermal imager
The smallest VGA-resolution infrared camera available today, the thermoIMAGER TIM 640 has dimensions of 45x56x90mm and weighs just 320g. Compared to other similar-size cameras, the TIM 640 is the only camera that enables the recording of radiometric video images at 32Hz and a VGA resolution of 640×480 pixels. The camera can detect very small temperature differences (thermal sensitivity: 75mK) and can measure object temperatures from -20°C to +900°C. For easy process integration, the camera’s TIM Connect software enables users to document measurements and to edit infrared video images. The software provides quick and easy set up together with a range of tools that enable the cameras to be used in R&D tasks as well as process control.

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