Blu Wireless Technology named as ‘Key Innovators’ in the European Commission’s Innovation Radar Platform

Blu Wireless Technology, a specialist provider of unlicensed 57-71GHz wireless networking solutions, has announced it has been named by the European Commission as a key innovator in its Innovation Radar Platform being launched today. This acknowledgement is bestowed as a result of the company’s involvement in the Horizon 2020 framework, the largest research and innovation funding programme in Europe. More specifically within the 5G-XHaul project, which has proposed and is evaluating a converged optical and wireless transport network to flexibly connect small cells to the core network, Blu Wireless has developed and successfully demonstrated 60GHz millimetre-wave backhaul networks. These are ideally suited for carrier grade super-fast, low latency and economically smart 5G gigabit connectivity for combined backhaul and broadband and are ready for deployment.

Partners alongside Blu Wireless involved in the 5G-XHaul project include Huawei, I2CAT, University of Bristol and Telefonica I&D. The Blu Wireless millimetre-wave technology provides a perfect complement to this syndicate of partners who have been chosen to lead the European initiative.

“It’s really an honour to be identified as a key innovator by the European Commission in this way,” said Ray McConnell, CTO at Blu Wireless. “EU funded projects like these have access to a plethora of cutting-edge, life-changing research concepts and technology advancements. To stand out from such an impressive profile for having truly innovative and forward-focused technology and market potential means there is genuine confidence in our ability to facilitate delivery of the networks of the future.”

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