BIZ Karts, continues the trend for sourcing UK produced PCBs

In the last year BIZ Karts has purchased 4000 battery terminal PCBs and 200 of each of the necessary connector interfaces from Newbury Electronics. BIZ Karts manufactures 200+ electric karts per year and each one includes up to 20 of these battery terminal PCBs, depending on the model and size of the battery.

Christopher Day, Electric Powertrain Systems Engineer for BIZ Karts, explains more about the work that Newbury Electronics has undertaken for the company. ‘We use three different PCBs from Newbury on our electric karts. Two are simple connector interfaces that have helped us to create a robust module that contains all our control electronics on our electric karts. The PCB’s allow connection to the external components and sensors.’

He continued; The battery terminal PCBs are used in our lithium battery packs. They allow for a safe, fused, connection between the cells and the Battery Management System (BMS) that measures the individual cell voltages. We also include a small temperature sensor on each PCB.’ Newbury Electronics initially provided the prototype PCBs and were then able to replicate the same quality of parts when BIZ Karts required them in greater volume. 

Philip King, managing director at Newbury Electronics; said; ‘BIZ Karts is another example of a UK manufacturing success story and we are delighted that not only the quality of our products but the additional supporting activity such as appropriate packing and prompt delivery have helped to develop and maintain our relationship with this company. We are about to start work on their latest order which will be completed in the coming weeks.



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