Beta LAYOUT extends 3D-MID production capacity

PCB manufacturer and electronics service provider Beta LAYOUT is expanding its capabilities by introducing a 3D-MID production line. Using LDS (laser direct structuring) combined with a galvanic production line which is specifically developed for plating copper on 3D printed parts. The LDS process is accomplished with an LPKF Microline 3D 160i direct image structuring machine.


The newly installed metallisation system is suitable for prototype production and plating of LDS components. The electroplating machinery required for production was obtained from Laser Micronics GmbH, who since November 2016 no longer provide 3D-MID as a service. Beta LAYOUT therefore offers a complete service for three-dimensional circuit carriers from one source as well as laser structuring. Through the PCB-POOL website, customers can request a price quotation for 3D MID prototypes based on laser-sintered 3D printing, including component assembly.


3D-MIDs (Mechatronic Integrated Devices) technology complements conventional circuit board technology and is used by the industry for space-saving circuit carrier solutions.


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