Best performance Distributor 2016: Rutronik recognised by Samwha at elecronica

At the electronica 2016 show in Munich, Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH was awarded the title of Best Performance Distributor 2016 by electrolytic capacitor manufacturer Samwha. The award was presented in recognition of continuous sales growth achieved on the basis of global project management and design-in work by Rutronik.


Samwha is a leading manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors (e-caps), and Rutronik”s largest partner in the segment. The two companies have been working together throughout Europe since the early 1990s, and globally since 2003. Rutronik supplies over 340 million Samwha e-caps a year to its customers.


“Distribution is an extremely important selling channel for Samwha. And Rutronik accounts for by far the biggest portion of our distribution in Europe,” states Kwang-Hyun Park, managing director of Samwha Europe. “Rutronik has been continually increasing its sales of our e-caps for the last five years, and future projects are also looking highly positive. That is a result of the outstanding commitment and know-how of the Rutronik Passive team. So we are delighted to present Rutronik with our Best Performance Distributor 2016 award.”


In addition to electrolytic capacitors, Samwha also develops and manufactures multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs), which Rutronik has likewise been marketing in its product portfolio since 2014. The key target markets for Samwha’s products are in industry, where its capacitors are used primarily in inverters, power supply units, smart meters and set-top boxes; the consumer market, mainly in home appliances; and the automotive market.


“Thanks to the wide-ranging portfolio of capacitors, and the outstanding value for money they offer, we are able also to offer bulk customers the right solutions for their projects. A further plus is the reliable service backup, from design in Europe through to production support on every continent – whether to the customers’ own operations, or to their outsourcers,” said Simon Wachsmann, Rutronik’s electrolytic and polymer capacitors product manager.


Photo (Source: Samwha), from left to right: Stefan Sutalo, marketing director Passive Components at Rutronik; Denis Bittigkoffer, senior marketing manager at Rutronik; Kwang-Hyun Park, managing director at Samwha; Vanessa Jakob, product sales manager at Rutronik; Simon Wachsmann, product sales manager at Rutronik; Hyun-Woo Kim, overseas sales assistant manager at Samwha

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