Benefit of Remote Analogue Control

For applications involving temperature, speed or pressure, analogue measurement and control is often a de facto and is prevalent in legacy systems. The nuanced measurement allows for accuracy but there are challenges in using analogue.

Process control is changing and Industry 4.0 is bringing data and insight to the forefront of manufacturing. You may be at the point where you want to upgrade a set up with analogue devices and make improvements but don’t want to throw out an otherwise good system.

We all know the type of factory set up where various ’improvements’ and additions have been made over the years. Invariably ending up in compromises; jam packed cabinets, nightmare runs of cables and the bodge job that was only intending to be an emergency fix. Interventions can be risky, you need to know that new equipment is going to be an improvement that doesn’t make new problems.

Brainboxes have been developing their industrial range to address many of these issues and provide a solution that’s great for both new applications and retrofit. Features, such as the slim compact shape and high temperature spec, allow you to make decisions not compromises about the location of your installation, particularly useful when you constrained by space or environment. By using networked connections installation of control and monitoring can be alongside devices, such as 4-20mA sensors, eliminating the need for long runs of noise prone analogue cabling.

Remote access through a network connection frees you from having to physically access devices and be on the factory floor allowing you to respond to changes from anywhere, including from your smartphone. Being able to control instantly in response to real time monitoring data is just the start. By tapping into the multitude of signals from existing equipment and getting the data on to your network you can start to unlock the hidden potential of your production line and reduce downtime.

Brainboxes remote analogue devices provide a reliable retrofit solution that opens applications up to the benefits of remote monitoring and control. The ED-560 has 4 Analogue Outputs – individually selectable as Current or Voltage, offering precision 0-10V and 4-20mA outputs. The device offers a number of ways to control your application including Modbus and ASCII commands, and is fully configured and operational within minutes.

The range of devices offers a way to connect up different equipment, from different manufacturers and decades and integrate it in to the interface that works best for you. The Brainboxes range of devices can be mixed and matched to the combination of connections you need. Analogue, digital, relay and Serial connections are all available in the same format and meeting the same high industrial specification. The configuration and software options allow for hassle free integration of different signals. 

The ED-560 provides remote Analogue control that’s fully configured and operational within minutes – unlocking the hidden potential of your production line. Start your industry 4 journey with a simple retrofit solution that delivers.

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