BEC stocking high-precision metal film resistors

BEC Distribution, a distributor for ARCOL Resistor, has announced that the MRA range of High-Precision Meta Film Resistors has now been extended to offer a maximum power dissipation of 2W. The specifications, including the value range, tolerance options and TCR of the whole family of Metal Film resistors have all also been extended.

Production of the MRA range of Meta Film Resistors includes a high-precision manufacturing process which uses a “sputter” technique to create stable metal films on high-purity alumina rods. The films are then covered in tough epoxy to protect from any environmental extremes.

There are now five power options available: 1/8W; 1/4W; 1/2W; 1W; and 2W, with maximum operating voltages varying from 200V to 500V.

The new value range is from R1 to 10M and the precision tolerance is down to ±0.05%. The MRA range of High-Precision Meta Film Resistors also now offer a very low TCR of ± 5ppm/ºC.

The operating temperatures are -55°C to +155°C and the overload is ± 0.25% rated continuous working voltage =v(P*R)*2.5 for 5 seconds. The pulse overload is ±0.75%, 4 times rated continuous working voltage =v(P*R) for 10,000 cycles with 1 second ON and 25 seconds OFF.

The Power Resistors are RoHS compliant and are designed for easy assembly, using axial solder methods. The solderability is 90% min coverage, 245±5°C for 3 seconds.


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