Barr Group fall 2017 training courses address industry need for safer and more secure embedded systems

Embedded systems designers can now register for the fall 2017 Barr Group Public Courses. They include the popular Embedded Software, Security, and Android Boot Camps; TDD & Agile Power Techniques; and Best Practices for both safety and security. To complement these courses in the United States and Germany, Barr Group also will offer a special Embedded Software Boot Camp in Barcelona, Spain.


Courses include:

•  Embedded Android Boot Camp (Aug. 21–24 & Nov. 6–9 in Germantown, Maryland) uses lecture and hands-on exercises to teach attendees how to bring up embedded hardware with the Android OS, develop custom device drivers, and publish the APIs of those custom device drivers to Android apps.

•  Embedded Software Boot Camp (Sept. 11–14 in Germantown, Maryland; Oct. 16–19 in Barcelona, Spain; Oct. 30–Nov. 2 in Palo Alto, California; Dec. 4–7 in Munich, Germany) provides hands-on training in use of the C programming language to create portable device drivers, in real-time operating systems, and more. 

•  Best Practices for Designing Safe Embedded Systems (Sept. 25–26 in Palo Alto, California) teaches the “what, why, and how” of approximately a dozen practical, lightweight techniques for designing safer and more reliable embedded systems.

•  TDD & Agile: Power Techniques for Better Embedded Software Development (Sept. 27–29 in Palo Alto, California) provides the fundamentals of Test-Driven Development (TDD) for embedded C programmers and the agile approach to embedded software development—two of the industry’s most powerful design techniques for developing safer, more secure, and more robust embedded software.

•  Embedded Security Boot Camp (Oct. 2–5 in Boston, Massachusetts; Nov. 13–16 in Palo Alto, California) engages attendees in lecture and hands-on exercises while they learn to architect and implement secure embedded systems applications. This includes instruction in how to prevent electronics, firmware, and network attacks using only the processing power and memory of resource-constrained embedded devices.

•  Best Practices for Designing Secure Embedded Systems (Nov. 30–Dec. 1 in Munich, Germany) is a two-day course that helps attendees learn to harden their embedded system to eliminate vulnerabilities and detect the most popular types of attacks.


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Special pricing

Early Registration discounted pricing is now available. 


Individuals who have previously attended any Barr Group Public Courses are eligible for a 10 per cent alumni discount. Contact to receive the discount code.


Onsite and custom training programs are also available.

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